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Alternative to Plastics

List of units identified in Tamilnadu state for alternative to throw away plastics Manufacturers Read More

One Time Use Plastic Effects on Health and Environment (Original source published by Sharjah City Municipality, Quality & Health Education Office)

Appeal to the Industries

all the industries shall take measures so as to comply with the order of the Government Read More

About Single-use Plastics


Plastics are typically organic polymers of high molecular mass commonly derived from petrochemicals.Read More

Non Woven Bags

The polyethylene bags (Plastic carrybags) are being widely usedRead More

Compostable plastic carry bags

List of CPCB Certified Manufactures / Sellers for Marketing & Selling of Compostable Carry Bags / Products     Read More

Plastic Awareness
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Citizen’s Feedback


As the Government of Tamil Nadu has decided to eradicate single use throwaway plastics so as to preserve the environment, the support of all stake holders are requested in this moment and hence all valuable suggestions through this Citizen’s Feedback will help in effective implementation to ban single use throwaway plastics.

Citizens are requested to register with their details through One Time Password provided for their mobile number. On mobile verification of OTP, feedback will be registered.


Plastic Pollution Free Tamil Nadu 3D Animation(Click to Download)



Plastic Pollution Free Tamil Nadu 2D Animation(Click to Download)



Avoid Plastic Carry Bags
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Recycling of Plastics
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Ill Effects of Plastic
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Avoid Plastic Carry Bags
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